EXCLUSIVE ‘Seven Dead Stars’ First Look: A comics, music, sci-fi mashup

‘Seven Dead Stars’ combines orchestral scores with hip-hop beats.

A mashup of comics and music is on the way this September, nay, an entirely new universe is coming and it can be found with Seven Dead Stars. Mixing audio and video, Grammy-nominated Unsecret, and based DJ Form are teaming up with comics creators Cliff Richards (Batman, Justice League, Buffy the Vampire Slayer), colors by Michael Bartolo (Captain America, Iron Man, Star Wars), and letters and layout by Kathryn S. Renta (Wonder Woman, Call of Duty) will drop Seven Dead Stars on Comixology September 8th.

The Seven Dead Stars music universe launches with the one-off single Deep Space which you can listen to right now! This track will be followed by EP Zero by Unsecret & DJ Form–mixed by renowned blockbuster film score producer Greg Townley–and Keep Running out 8/20, Next Level out 8/27, and Set It Off out 9/3. Seven Dead Stars is available on Comixology on September 8th.


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