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Kokka Party -  Characters Design and Illustration
My Boyfriend's an Anime Characters - Inker
My Plushie and Me - Inker
G.Wu's “Mc.Donald” - Inker and colorist
G.Wu's “Mark and Spencer” - Inker and colorist
Chipmunk Playland Games Projects - Art and Illustration
Fondsie and Friends webcomic - Colorist
Mother Theresa's biography comic book - Penciller
Smooch's How to Animation - Art and storyboard
Game Quizzle Project - Character Design, Background Concept and Illustrations
Indofood Commercial Product - Character Design
Claris Commercial Product - Concept Design and Illustrations
Creative Cave's Coloring Book - Illustrations
Creative Cave's Blanket Comic - Illustrations

What role do you do as dokutoku team?
Mostly I got the inking part. But my part is more varied than that. I also switch roles between penciller,  storyboard artist, painter, or even a supporter for the team. I'm even a very good eater. Just call my name and I will be finish your snack.

So, how did Dokutoku started from your point of view?
Back than, when there's internet isn't booming, the only means of communication was... snail mail!! So I got a pen-friend with a girl who has the same "hobby" as me. Drawing manga. I then met her and talked about  manga and whatever untill it clicked, we want to make one!! So that's when we decided to make a team that we believed is going to make the most coolest, greatest, and lovely manga. By the way, the girl is Yuen.

And why did you choose a certain style?
I adapt my style accordingly, depending on what project is being offered.  I grew up with several different style of comic and art. When I was young I just know European comics and anime style, and Hongkong comic's style. I even  mix the different style into one comic, not realizing that they're completely from different cultures.

When I grew older a bit,  I realize there was even more style in the world that even make me thinking, Oh my... how could  I possibly choose one of them?? Basically since manga style seem popular, I learn it more deeply than any kind of style. But when I work, I learn again, there was painting style...oh my...and I LOVE IT!! Well, I certainly don't know which style I want to go dig deeper than others. But I just can't help it...cartoon style, painting style, manga style...the more you know them, the more you love it. But in technical speaking, I prefer to do digital art than traditional art.

Do you have any favorite projects so far?
I love all the projects...but my favorite I guess will be the projects I made for the Creative Cave. They are one of the very kind client and are very informative on what they want to make. They also give some pointers that really help me to finish the projects. I learn a lot from them. But since it was the very first smooth projects that I'd's in my list of  favorite projects.

How do you manage to always stay motivated?
It could be many things. By just watching dvd, listening to music, hang out with my friends, Wels is always amusing the way she said' "I'm hungry!!" because I know it's the time for some good food, Powree who always came up with smart and fun ideas and others, my family who always been there for me, calling my friends, cooking, teasing my sister, teased by her, my sis' has this kind of thingy that I could laughed about, she is also the most co-team player during gaming time, drawing something that I have in mind, finishing projects, accepting compliment, give joke and laugh together about it, traveling (just outside my house and go buy a drink in mini-mart),I mean you could meet many wonderful things in the world. One day I saw a young man which definitely live in the city helping an old guy who is defitnotely not live in the city crossing the street (It just like the picture in the book!!) He really did care and did good of him.  But yet, the most powerful motivation came from God, I put it in my "dream book". "With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible" -Matthew 19:26

What is your dream project?
My dream projects is to be involved -or even better, make- a "Ooooh and Awww!!" project that's so cool, they made merchandise, game, etc for them. Project that's so cool like Lord of the Rings stuff. Oh my!! I got goosebumps just to think about it!!!

How do you usually spend your weekend?
Sleeping, hibernating, refreshing my eyes... But mostly I play casual games and watching dvd, hang out with my family or friends. And more

Could you tell us what  hardware and software you are using?
Hardware: Pentium, Wacom, Monitor, Keyboard...err...duh CPU!!
Software: Photoshop CS3 and Manga Studio EX 4, sometimes it Adobe
Illustrator and rarely Adobe Flash.

Mention  your biggest influence?
TWorld around me. There's so many. The biggest is I would say ,my family and friends. They always could say or show something smart that I could learn. The pros out there, like I would say Karl Kerschl, Kaoru Mori, Josh Middleton, Takeshi Obata, and others. But I also get from European comics. Err, what is the question again? Which one is the biggest? I think all of them. I can't decided.

On average, how long it does take to finish your work?
Deadlineeee!!! Untill deadline!!! If there's no would be untill I'm statisfied, so mostly I'd do about 5 hours works of sketching till' line art illustration, followed by 1 hour to 1 weeks of coloring. If comics involved, I would say "everlasting" for the storyboarding, about 3-48 hours of pencilling on one page, depend on the detail. 1 to 5 hours of inking also depend on the detail. Got 5-finished coloring. Hm...still working on my speed so I can achieve the speed of Speedy Gonzales's. Beep beep!!

What is your favorite time to do your work?
IIt would be night time, when you're alone and could be more concentrating on the work. At the other hand, sometimes, working with friends, clients also the best 'cause it more faster to get clue, hint, or inspiration to finishing the projects.

What part of the work do you like most?
IWell, I like pencilling, I like coloring, I also like inking and making background, the point is I would say when I made an art that I know this art is beating my last art..."I'm improved!!"

So far, what is your biggest achievement?
When I make this animated "how to-" with my twin sis, for the commercial product and convincing other people that finally they can see that I really "work". LOL. And beating that evil sudoku challenge!! HA!!

What do you think is the key to be succesfull artist?
The power of observing, never give up, learn, practice, and believe in yourself. Still I think there's must be something out there that I haven't found out yet.

What do you like to draw most? Why?
Situation. I like to draw something that got situation or mood in it. Like the children playing in the flower field, racing in the cool arena like speed racer, or just simple a children who drinking a milk. I think because of the "other world" kind of feel. There's like a whole new world in everything I draw. I like a mix up between fantasy, children's tale, and happy stylish sexy chick or hunk, cool background, exotic could be anything and you could make a whole new world from it.

What do you think about your job now?
Here I COMEEE!!!

Do you have any favorite colour? Why?
RED!! I usually used many colors but red will be the most standing out color I choose. This all started when I was a baby, my mom would choose red colors for me, and yellow for my twin sister. Now red has become a part of me. I LOVE RED!
What should you have in your work zone?
Intuos or bamboo, tablet!! Sometimes snacks. Many snacks.

What your most difficult challenge so far?
Not being able to absorb every information. Sometimes you get this whole information but it's only little tiny bit that really hits your brain. I need to work out on how to be more efficient in understanding stuff.

Self-taught or formally educated?
I once get a course from really talented mentor. Moving from there, I got from internet and books.