Born and grown up in a small town near Catania in Italy, Salvatore divided his time between school and drawing.

Once finished his studies in Medicine at University of Catania, he moved to Brescia to follow a course of specialization in radiology, never forgetting his love for comics and storytelling.

In 2013 he begins his travel into comics with his own web crossing, “the Crossing” which self publish and distributes in the major Italian comic conventions.

In 2015 Salvatore begins to work with the italian publisher Sergio Bonelli Editore doing #6 and #10 of the new series “Martin Mystere, le nuove avventure a colori” (currently being published).

In 2016 he begins to collaborate with Zenescope entertainment drawing various covers, the penultimate story line of the flagship “Grimm fairy tales” (#123 and #124), doing some short stories for the last issue of Grimm fairy tales (#125) and for the special “GFT genesis:  Heroes reborn” and drawing the miniseries “Cinderella Serial Killer princess”.
Salvatore works totally in digital for the creation of his pages with a preliminary layout stage and a subsequent step (after the editor's approval) of digital inking without pencils. In this way he can work faster, leaving time for eventual corrections indicated by the editor.