I was born and brought up in Bangalore, India and the formative years of my childhood were shaped by the various 90's era cartoons that were broadcast and by whatever comics I could get my hands upon.
I was trained as an animator at Image College of Arts Animation and Technology until I realised my love for comic book creation when I got my hands on a copy of Jhonnen Vasquez's JTHM and began pursuing my career in the field. 
After I received my B.A. (Hons.) in 3D animation with a specialization in comics, I began facilitating comic book creation workshops in schools and had a brief stint as an art teacher. 
In 2012 I was hired by Sufi comics (an Indian publishing house) to illustrate a Graphic novel titled "The Wise Fool of Baghdad" and went on to create 2 more graphic novels under Sufi Comics titled Rumi Vol. 1 and Rumi Vol. 2 respectively until 2016.
The need to not be typecast as a comic book artist that works only in philosophical books and my constant urge to pursue the title of a chameleon artist, I quit Sufi Comics and began looking for more projects.
In early 2017, I began collaborating with comic book writers on the following anthologies.
Tomb of Horror - The Replacements written by Jordan King
Sliced Quarterly - Without Remorse written by John Osborn
Cataclysm Comics - Little Gifts written by Chris Keaton
The Edgar Allan Poe Anthology - Mesmeric Revelation written by Eddy Hedington
Little Heroes anthology - Supermom and Catdad co-written by Rob Andersin
The Dark Reaches - The Cats of Venallore written by Kurt Belcher
Screams Heard from Around the World - Yohana written by David Thomas