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We are Jaime Garcia and Conchita Mas and we have been working in comic books since 1989.

Our professional career has included jobs made through agencies from Barcelona and also contracts made directly with publishing houses. We have drawn characters from Disney and Warner for European countries, mainly Germany, Scandinavia and the UK, and also for USA publishing houses, like DC Comics.

We alternate between comics and illustration jobs, with storyboards, layouts, clean-up or inbetween in animation, and also works of graphic design or textile.

If we speak about preferences, Conchita is a Snoopy and Asterix admirer and I admire the Frank Frazetta art, the Alex Thoth simplicity, the cartoon energy and the aesthetics of Bruce Timm and the narrative skill of Will Eisner. We both share a passion for watercolor drawing and travelling.

Our way of working is giving the 100% in each job, enjoying it, and learning each day new things. We work with traditional and also with digital methods, applying the most suitable in each job for always reaching the best result. We’ve enjoyed making comics from Scooby-Doo, Looney Tunes or Tom & Jerry, classic Disney illustrations for tales o puzzles, coloring books, storyboards or drawing (design). Our interest is always the same, to reach the best result so that the target public (childs and adults) enjoys it.

SCOOBY-DOO ( DC Comics )
LOONEY TUNES ( Full Stop Media AB )
TOM & JERRY ( Full Stop Media AB )
SCOOBY-DOO ( Full Stop Media AB )
TOM & JERRY ( Fleetway )
SPIKE & TIKE ( Fleetway )
DISNEY  CLASICS – Puzzles – Magazines - Sketches – Covers ( Egmont )
DONALD DUCK ( Egmont )
BIKER MICE – Coloring Book ( Random House )
COVERS - Coloring Books ( Creative Child Press )
LEMMINGS – Game Books ( Penguin Books )
SONIC  -  Game Books ( Penguin Books )
SESAME STREET – Activities
NARIGOTA – Storyboards ( Motion Pictures)
GLADIATOR ACADEMY – Storyboards ( Locomotion Pictures)
CLOUD TROTTERS – Storyboards ( Locomotion Pictures )
GAUDINIA – Storyboards (Tomavistas )
THE ABBY – PC Game / Layouts
SMACKS – Inbetween -clean-up / spots  TV  ( Full Animatión)
SPIDERMAN -  Inbetween -clean-up / spots  TV  ( Full Animatión)
CHICO & RITA - Inbetween -clean-up / Film ( Mariscal Studio )

And many more…